Tokens: 10 Red, 10 Black, 1 Blue that is the decider and 4 Shooters

  1. Place tokens in a circle in the center.
  2. Same team players sitting on opposite sides if 4 players. Opposition sits on opposite sides if only 2 players.
  3. Determine who is starting first, first player break the ring by shooting the shooter into the ring.
  4. Players take turns proceeding clockwise. (First colour tokens are all pocketed, then the BLUE)
  5. Colour of the team is determined by die first token pocketed in a hole by the team.
  6. If the token is pocketed together with a shooter (by fault) and there are no other tokens yet pocketed, it gets taken out, placed back in the center and teams are free to pocket any colour again.
  7. If a token of your colour was pocketed, the player gets another turn. The player can continue until he/she misses a hole.
  8. If the shooter is pocketed, the team needs to take a token of their colour out of a pocket and place it in the center.
  9. If the shooter is pocketed with a token of their own colour, the token has to come out again and placed in the center.
  10. If a colour of the opposite team is pocketed, nothing comes out and no extra change. It is to the benefit of the opposition.
  11. If a shooter is pocketed with the opposite team’s token, the token stays, but one of the team’s colour tokens needs to be taken out.
  12. If the “BLUE” token is pocketed before the team’s colours are all pocketed, the, they need to take out two tokens for fault on BLUE.
  13. If the shooter is pocketed with the” BLUE” before the team’s colours are finished, they need to take out the BLUE, and THREE more tokens of their colour as penalty for the BLUE and shooter!
  14. If a final shot is taken on the BLUE and the shooter goes in with the BLUE, the BLUE and one token of the team colour comes out.
  15. Always place tokens from pockets/holes back in the center of the board.
  16. If a token is flicked off the board by accident the token is placed back into the center.
  17. Shooter can be placed anywhere in/out the half circle in front of every player, as long as it touches the line.
  18. Tokens inside the perimeter of the shooting circle are not to be moved or touched
  19. Any tokens on the board are not to be touched or moved during the game.
  20. For more than one token that is placed in the center can be arranged as you wish, as long as they are in the centre and touching each other closest to the point of the board center.